Kawa chocolate is made from 100% organically farmed cacao in the tropics of Costa Rica.
Made with love, spirit and ancient knowledge of ancestral Costa Rican people.


Our unique processing and recipe is the short answer, and here’s how we do it (without divulging our trade secrets!):

The Kawa cacao beans are crushed (stone ground and by hand) and then put into a long vat to ferment for 5 days (the usual length of fermentation for commercial chocolate is 2-3 days).  During the fermentation period, the cacao solids separate from the mucilage (the mucilage consists of the cacao bean fiber, and gelatinous liquid which contains vitamins, minerals and natural occurring plant sugars).  

In a typical commercial chocolate process, the mucilage is usually either discarded or fed to livestock.  In the Kawa Chocolate process, the mucilage is temporarily safely stored and then remixed with the fermented cacao after it’s been dried naturally for two weeks. (A commercial chocolate drying process is usually expedited by using heaters and fans for 3-4 days, which can degrade taste as well as the vitamin and mineral content and the beneficial qualities of the cacao.)  

Mixing back in the mucilage returns to the Kawa Chocolate its natural cacao plant sugars, minerals and vitamins, as well as what creates its unique airier consistency and understated pleasantly sweet flavor.  Kawa bars are more light and airy (some customers have likened it to a firm brownie consistency), there is no bitterness like other dark chocolate bars have, and it doesn’t have the crispy mouth-feel of typical dark chocolate bars.  ENJOY!

Farm Story

We care about the land, the environment, the Costa Rican cacao farm workers and Kawa chocolate workers and their families.

We Believe In:

  • The ancient healing properties and wisdom of the cacao tree
  • Organic agricultural practices
  • Sustainable and non-GMO farming practices
  • The family farm concept
  • Supporting the local economy
  • No child labor practices
  • Indigenous people’s tradition and culture
  • 100%* Organically-farmed Cacao – yet, no bitter taste. (*except flavored bars which have organic Mint, Cardamom, Moringa, Coffee, Almond Butter, and Cayenne as additional ingredient)
  • No added sugars of any kind! – naturally sweetened with the Cacao’s own plant sugars.

No added dairy of any kind (no milk, milk fats, or milk solids) (Milk fats are typically used in commercial chocolate bar processing to soften the texture.)

Unique, Hand-crafted artisanal chocolate

No added sugars of any kind

Only pure organically-farmed, and eco-farmed Cacao

Cacao is rich in antioxidants and vitamins

More calcium per serving than cows milk

More potassium than a banana

7 SKUs: Pure, Mint, Cardamom, Almond, Coffee, Moringa, Cayenne

1-year-plus shelf life

Zero cholesterol

No added cacao butter

High in fiber

Zero Trans Fats

Even though it is 100% cacao, there is NO Bitter Taste!

Unique airier texture (more like a firm brownie), and not “crispy” like a typical dark chocolate bar

Unique packaging in size and shape. Also, packaging is 100% recycled paper, and the plastic sleeve is partly recycled and biodegradable.

Cacao has well-researched and documented naturally-occurring health benefits

Little to no “Bloom” because its low in fats and has no milk product

100%* Organically-farmed Cacao – yet, no bitter taste. (*except flavored bars which have organic Mint, Cardamom, Coffee, moringa,  Almond Butter and Cayenne as additional ingredient)

No added sugars of any kind – naturally sweetened with the Cacao’s own sugars

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